Faith Temple Youth


Children’s Ministry (Age 0 -12)

Prov. 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Faith KIDS

Faith Temple Children's Church Ministry serves families with children, ages 0-12 by providing safe, age appropriate, faith-filled, Jesus-centered environment while parents attend church service. Our loving volunteers encourages children to reach their full potential in Christ and provides many opportunities for them to serve in the areas of their talent and interest.

NOAH’S ARK Nursery is fully equipped and designed to serve babies and toddlers up to age four. NOAH’S ARK (post-pandemic) operates during Sunday morning worship time and is environmentally safe and clean with a dedicated and loving staff. Our volunteer team ensures that the children experience the love of Christ in every ounce of love and attention they provide.  Both the babies and toddlers engage in appropriate play and bible story time for their age groups.   They participate in sing-a-longs, rest time, watch Christian based videos, and even enjoy healthy snacks.  NOAH’S ARK also provides a quiet and private place for mothers to feed their babies as well as of offers a changing area and child sized toilet seats. The parents must sign them in and out as they cannot be picked up by anyone as we ensure that the children are always safe as well as secure.

CHILDREN’S Church is a ministry of the church that occurs on Sunday mornings during normal worship time for children ages three to twelve. Activities include singing, scripture, prayer, crafts, and learning how to conduct themselves in and out of church and at home. Children are taught to love, obey, and respect their parents, and other adults.  The children are encouraged to do go to others and treat others with kindness.  They are taught how to receive the gift of salvation and Christ into their hearts.  The children are led in worship while also participating in the worship experience.  Many of our children have gone on to become Pastors, School Principles, Corporate Leaders, and Medical Doctors.


Faith Temple is committed to training and raising up a new generation of worship leaders. We do this by providing them an opportunity to participate in the worship experience as a child in order that they may cultivate their gifts and learn.  Our award winning and recording children’s choir sing twice a month during regular worship service but also participate in extracurricular events such as paying tribute in song to the legacy of the late civil right leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the City of Evanston or for Seniors in Assisted Living and Nursing Homes.  They also sponsor their own concerts featuring the amazing talent within the group.  They are a vital part of our worship experience and create lifelong wonderful memories for the children and those who are the recipient of their gifts.

Youth (Ages 13 -24) FRESH

Free, Redeemed, Excited, Saved, Hopeful

Faith Temple’s FRESH movement offers a variety of ministry activities for Junior High through College Age Young Adult. We endeavor to help every young person develop their faith, grow personally and spiritually, and build up their relationship with Christ.  This will ensure they are equipped to convey the message of Jesus Christ in a real, relevant, and relatable way to a lost and unclaimed generation of young people.

FRESH is led by youth who collectively plan events throughout the year. Our biggest is an annual event called youth explosion weekend. Youth Explosion involves a variety of outings including outreach, sporting events, or chaperoned road trips that we do together as well as musical concerts and the spoken word showcasing the Youth Choir and other local talent in the Chicagoland area.

The youth department is also in charge of 4th Sunday services at church. Goals include encouraging young people to live for Christ, know the Word of God, how to pray and serve others. We serve locally at our church in the different auxiliaries such as our food sharing ministry, youth choir, usher board, fine arts, missions, and media. There are scheduled meetings throughout the year to gain input from the young people to make sure we are relating to them and that we are using their FRESH ideas. Ultimately, we build each other up through faith, family, fun and help fulfill the vision of our Pastor.

Campus Ministry
While our Campus Ministry is getting a new thrust, our mission for this ministry is to encourage students on campus and at college phase of their lives to not only excel academically but also spiritually and not compromise one for the other. We invite all people in academic settings to join us in worship either at our facility or when we visit their campus. We invite them to engage more deeply with the teaching of Jesus Christ and in the assembly of other believers (the community) that bar his name.  Mark 8:36-38 Amplified Bible · For what does it benefit a man to gain the whole world [with all its pleasures], and forfeit his soul?

We endeavor to be a positive support system for them while they are away from their homes by offering participation in worship and the sharing of their gifts, by offering weekly bible study for just 1 hour, transportation to and from church, and by preparing monthly Sunday home cooked meals and sharing what we have available in our food pantry.  We do sponsor the Bishop Carlis Moody Scholarship annually for members of our church who qualify.